Ashtanga Led Class
In the “Led Full Primary” you practice the entire first series of Ashtanga yoga (the full primary series) under the guidance of the teacher. Everyone follows the same instructions at the same pace without stopping, allowing you to experience the dynamic nature of Ashtanga yoga.
Ashtanga Mysore Class
Ashtanga Yoga Mysore. The yoga form that makes short shrift of "floating" prejudices. In flowing style (vinyasa) you perform a fixed series of challenging poses with special attention to your breathing. The combination of these techniques makes Ashtanga yoga meditation in motion. Ashtanga yoga is ideal if you like to exert yourself physically. It brings you a strong, supple and healthy body, makes you energetic, brings inner peace and it makes you self-conscious. In the “Mysore Style” you practice the series at your own pace with 1-on-1 guidance from the teacher; a kind of private lesson in a group. This is the traditional way Ashtanga yoga is taught in Mysore, India. Because the teacher in this style can give a lot of
Ashtanga Yoga Basic
There are ashtanga basics lessons of 1 hour (also very suitable for beginners) and longer Ashtanga lessons. We call these Ashtanga Mysore for beginners and advanced and Ashtanga Led lessons for more experienced ashtanga practitioners. Feel free to email us if you have any questions about it.
Hatha Yoga Class
Hatha is a yoga form where you use the whole body. This can be done in an intensive way, but also in a softer, calmer way. All physical forms of yoga are actually derivatives of traditional Hatha yoga. In the lessons, body and mind are trained through physical exercises. The physical postures provide an increase in strength, flexibility and a healthier body and the correct breathing has a positive effect on the mind and the feeling of peace and relaxation. The balance is always discussed between: tightening - letting go, movement - rest, activity - relaxation, inhalation - exhalation.